Loksewa Aayog Section Officer (Sakha Adhikrit) Vacancy 2079

The Central Office of the Loksewa Aayog (Public Service Commission), Kamalpokhari, Kathmandu has published the vacancy notice for the post of a Gazetted Third Class Section Officer (Sakha Adhikrit) and other officer posts of the non-technical group.

Loksewa Aayog Section Officer Vacancy 2079 (Internal Evaluation and Age Based)

As per the notice published on 14 December 2022, Loksewa Aayog has demanded applications for the following types of Gazetted Third Class Officers: (For Age-Based and Internal Evaluation Based Promotion)

SNAdvertisement NumberPost, Service, Group, and ClassRequired Number
01139/079-80Section Officer, Justice, Justice, Gazetted Third Class12
02140/079-80Section Officer, Justice, Law, Gazetted Third Class03
03141/079-80Section Officer, Justice, Public Prosecutor, Gazetted Third Class08
04142/079-80Section Officer, Foreign Affairs, Gazetted Third Class03
05143/079-80Section Officer, Administration, General Administration, Gazetted Third Class39
06144/079-80Account Officer, Administration, Accounting, Gazetted Third Class21
07145/079-80Section Officer, Administration, Revenue, Gazetted Third Class14
08146/079-80Auditing Officer, Audit, Gazetted Third Class07
09147/079-80Human Rights Officer, National Human Rights Service, Gazetted Third Class12
10148/079-80Administrative Officer, National Human Rights Service, Gazetted Third Class01

Loksewa Aayog Section Officer Vacancy 2079 (Open Competition and Inclusive)

This year, Loksewa Aayog has demanded a wide range of applications for various posts and groups. The following images contain the full vacancy notice of Loksewa Aayog regarding Section Officer Vacancy 2079.

How to Apply for Section Officer?

To apply for this, you have to appear in the examinations conducted by Loksewa in 4 different papers. To appear in the examination for the Loksewa Aayog Section Officer Vacancy, you have to submit the form online.

You can apply online for the above posts, please visit: https://psconline1.psc.gov.np/