B.Sc. Second Year Examination Routine 2080 (Revised)

Tribhuvan University, Office of the Controller of Examinations, Balkhu has published B.Sc. Second Year Examination Routine for 2080. The office has published the bachelor’s second-year exam routine which includes the B.Sc second year examination routine for students of batch 2079. This routine will be applicable to all the students of the B.Sc. second year who are regular or partial students of the previous batch.

B.Sc. Second Year Examination Routine Details

B.Sc. Second Year Exam Start Date – August 13, 2023 (BS: 2080 Shrawan 28)

Exam Center – The notice related to the exam center is generally published one week before the examination date. We will also update the information regarding the exam center as soon as published by Tribhuvan University.

Admit Card – Students must contact their respective colleges for the Admit cards. Generally, admit cards are made available 7 days prior to the examination date.

Exam Time – Exam time for each type of exam is given below in the B.Sc second year examination routine table.

Regular 4 Years B.Sc. Second Year Exam Routine 2080 (2024)

The following is the B.Sc. Second Year Exam Routine for 2080 as per the official notice published by the Office of the Controller of Examination of Tribhuvan University.

Exam Date and TimeSubjectsSubject Codes
April 11, 2024 (BS: 2080 Chaitra, 29)Applied Statistics
April 14, 2024 (BS: 2081 Baishakh, 02)Physics / Microbiology201
April 16, 2024 (BS: 22081 Baishakh, 04)Chemistry201
April 18, 2024 (BS: 2081 Baishakh, 06)Geology / Metrology201
April 21, 2024 (BS: 2081 Baishakh, 09)Zoology / Mathematics/Mat201
April 23, 2024 (BS: 2081 Baishakh, 11)Statistics / Botany201
April 25, 2024 (BS: 2081 Baishakh, 13)Mathematics/ Mat.202
April 28, 2024 (BS: 2081 Baishakh, 16)Environmental Science201
Exam TimeDay: 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm
4 Years B.Sc. Second Year Exam Routine 2080

The following is the snap taken from the official notice published by TU regarding the Second Year Exam Routine 2080 which also contains the B.Sc. Second year Exam routine 2080 for the batch 2080.

Bachelor 2nd Year Exam Routine (B.Sc. 2nd Year)
B.Sc. Second Year Exam Routine 2080 for regular students

If you are still wondering where to find the full notice regarding Bachelor 2nd year exam routine, please check out the official

Some Important Information About the B.Sc. Second Year Examination

  • There will be no further arrangements made this year for the students who remain absent from the examination according to the above examination schedule.
  • The examination will not be canceled or postponed due to any unusual situation or holiday without prior notice of TU.
  • If any of your subjects or papers to be given in this exam program will be missed or overlap with other exams, students shall have to inform this office within 7 days from the date of publication of the notice regarding the examination routine. Otherwise, the exam will be conducted according to this program.
  • For the practical exam, you must contact the respective colleges or campuses.
  • The log table, Goshwara Voucher, Graph Paper Chart, etc. materials required for the examination should be brought by the examinee himself and used with the prior approval of the Superintendent.
  • Prohibited items such as mobile phones, smart watches, Bluetooth devices, and digital diaries cannot be taken inside the examination hall. Otherwise, the Superintendent can confiscate such goods.
  • There will be no provision for changing examination centers and the paper appearing from an unauthorized center will be void.
  • Students with disabilities (vision, unsound mind, and defective hands) can have an assistant writer and 1 hour of extra time for 100 marks and a half hour for below 100 marks subjects. Such disabilities must be certified by the competent authority or doctors.


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