TU B.Ed Second Year Examination Routine (Remaining Examination Update) 2078

Tribhuvan University, Office of the Controller of Examinations, Balkhu has published B.Ed Second Year Examination Routine for 2078. The office has published both 3 years and 4 years B.Ed Second Year Examination Routine for 2078.

B.Ed 2nd Year Examination Start Date – 2078/01/05

This exam was affected by the decision of Government of Nepal to close down all the educational activities including ongoing examinations due to Covid-19.

Examination Time – 7am to 10pm

The examination of remaining subjects will be held starting from 7am. And a total of 3 hours will be provided.

Exam Center – The examination centers are not affected by this situation. It means, you must appear in the exam from the exam center declared before.

Admit Card – Contact the respective colleges. Generally, admit cards are made available from 7 days prior to the examination date.

4 Years B.Ed Second Year Examination Routine 2078

DateSubjects/Code No.
2078-01-05 Educational Psychology Ed. -421
2078-01-12Eng.Ed./Nep.Ed./Math.Ed./Sc.Ed./Hp.Ed./Pop.Ed./Geo.Ed./Hist.Ed./Eco.Ed./Pol.Sc.Ed./Ed.Pm./ So.St.Ed.- 424
2078-01-14Eng.Ed./Nep.Ed./Math.Ed./Sc.Ed.-Animal Science_ /H.Ed./Pop.Ed./Geo.Ed./Hist.Ed./Eco.Ed./Pol.Sc.Ed./Ed.Pm./ So.St.Ed. -428/ P. Ed.-426
2078-01-16  Science.Ed. -Plant Science_-427
4 Years B.Ed Second Year Examination Routine as per old schedule.

4 Years B.Ed. Exam Routine 2078 (Remaining Subjects)

DateSubjects and Subject Code
2078-01-14Eng.Ed./Nep.Ed./Math.Ed./Sc.Ed.-Animal Science_ /H.Ed./Pop.Ed./Geo.Ed./Hist.Ed./Eco.Ed./Pol.Sc.Ed./Ed.Pm./ So.St.Ed. -428/ P. Ed.-426
2078-01-16  Science.Ed. -Plant Science_-427
4 Years B.Ed Exam Routine for the Remaining Subjects 2078

3 Years B.Ed Second Year Examination Routine 2078

DateSubjects/Code No.
2078-01-05New Course M Educational Psychology MEd.-313
Old Course Specialization iv Nepali/Math/Economics/History/Pol.Sc./HPED/Science iv /(Bio),Animal Science,Plant Science/Pop.Ed.-304/Ed.Mgmt.-301-Edu.Administration_/English Ed.-390/-ELT Theories & Methods_/P.Ed.-390/ (Teaching Nepali,Teaching English )
2078-01-06Old Course Curriculum & Evaluation Ed. -303
New Course Eco.Ed.-Economics of Development and Education/Eng.Ed-Expanding Horizon in English/Ed.Mgmt.-Educational Supervision/Hp.Ed.-Sport Science & Games/Hist Ed.-History of Modern Europe/Math Ed.-Real Analysis/नेपाली शिक्षा (नेपाली कविता र काव्य)/Pol.Sc.Ed.-International Politics and Enviornmental Relations/Pop.Ed.-Population & Enviornmental Education /Sc.Ed.Biology ii / Comp.Sc.Ed.(ICT.Ed.) Communication cyber law -322
2078-01-07New Course dd Curriculum & Evaluation Ed.-314
Old Course Specialization iii Eng./Nep./Math/Sci./Eco./Geo./Hist./Pol.Sc./H.P.E./Pop.Ed./Ped.Mgmt. (Material & Methods)-303Ed.Mgmt.-313-Education Dev.in Nepal
2078-01-08Old Course Educational Psychology Ed.-302
New CourseM Eco.Ed.-Government Finance,Financial Sys.& Int. Trade/Eng.Ed.-English for Communication/Ed.Mgmt-Education Administration/Geo.Ed.-Geography of Asia and Nepal/Hp.Ed.-Fundametals of Public Health/Hist Ed.-History of Modern India/Math Ed.-Geometry/ नेपाली शिक्षा (नेपाली कथा र उपन्यास) /Pol.Sc.Ed.- Government and Politics of Nepal/Pop.Ed.-Community and Reproductive Health/Comp.Sc.Ed. (ICT.Ed.)-MIS,Data Structure and Recent Technologies/Sc.Ed.-PhysicsMi-321
2078-01-09New & Old Course
2078-01-10New & Old Course Bus.and govt.account/Ind.Ed.-303
2078-01-12New Course MEd.Mgmt.-323 Development Education in Nepal
Old Course Specialization vi Nepali/Math/Science/Economics/Geography/History/Pol.Sc./HPE./Pop.Ed.-390/Eng.Ed.-391 (ELT)/PED-390(Social Studies Teaching Math in Primary Education)/Ed.Mgmt.-302-Ed.Supervision_
2078-01-13New Course Eco.Ed.-Methods of Teaching Economics Eng./Nep./Math/Sci./Eco./Geo./Hist./Pol.Sc./H.P.E./Pop.Ed./Ped.Mgmt.-Material & Methods_-303Ed.-313-Education Dev.in Nepal_Eng.Ed.-English Language Teaching Methods/Geo.Ed.-Methods of Teaching Geography/HP.Ed.-Teaching Health and Physical Education and School Health Program/Hist.Ed.-Methods of Teaching History/Math Ed.-Teaching Mathmatics/नेपाली शिक्षा (नेपाली भाषा र शिक्षण)/ Pol.Sc.Ed.- Methods of Taching Political Science_/Pop.Ed. -Methods of Teaching Population Education/ Sc.Ed.- Methods of Teaching Science at Secondary School/Comp.Sc.Ed.-Teaching ICT and Object Oriented Programing & Database -391
2078-01-14 New & Old Course Business Edu./Ind.Edu.-390
2078-01-15New & Old Course NF.Ed.-302,322,/ECD.Ed.-302,322
2078-01-16New & Old Course Business Mgmt./Ind. Edu. -304
3 Years B.Ed Second Year Examination Routine

3 Years B.Ed. Second Year (Remaining Subjects) Exam Routine 2078

DateSubjects and Subject Code
2078-01-14New & Old Course: Business Edu./Ind.Edu.-390
2078-01-15New & Old Course: NF.Ed.-302,322,/ECD.Ed.-302,322
2078-01-16New & Old Course: Business Mgmt./Ind. Edu. -304
3 Years B.Ed Second Year Examination Routine for remaining subjects
Bachelor 2nd Year Remaining Subjects Exam Routine
Official Routine: Official Notice from TU

Some Important Information About the Examination

  • No provision of another examination for absenteeism in the examination due to any reason.
  • Examination will not be cancelled or postponed due to any unusual situation and holiday without prior notice of TU.
  • Mobile phones and other data storing electronic devices are prohibited.
  • There will be no provision for changing examination center and the paper appeared from unauthorized center will be void.

What is the provision for students with impaired vision, unsound mind and defective hands?

Students with disabilities (vision, unsound mind and defective hands) can have assistant writer and 1 hour of extra time for 100 marks and an half hour for below 100 marks subjects.
Such disabilities must be certified by the competent authority or doctors.
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How do I find the Exam Center?

The exam center will be published after the expiry of date of exam form submission.

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