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Top Nepali Online Shopping Sites (E-Commerce Websites in Nepal) (2022)

Do you love online shopping? Lets talk something about best and top Nepali Online Shopping Sites (eCommerce sites).

After the lockdown, the trend of online shopping seems to have increased even more. There are many Nepali online shopping sites growing like mushroom in terms of numbers. The large numbers of options creates confusion among the consumers/customers on choosing the best e-commerce site.

Also, online shopping site should be trustworthy so that they deliver exactly the same product and specifications consumers wishes to buy.

Top Nepali Online Shopping Sites (E-commerce Sites) in Nepal

We have collected the best and top Nepali online shopping sites (top e-commerce sites in Nepal) for those who are willing to buy various goods and services online. The following is the list of top Nepali Online Shopping Sites.

Daraz Nepal (

Daraz - Top Nepali Online Shopping Site

Daraz was started back in 2012 in Pakistan. Daraz started operation in Nepal after acquiring Kaymu. And finally got acquired by its current parent company Alibaba Group in 2018.

Daraz is the most popular online shopping site in Nepal. It was the first company to bring the shopping experience in Nepal for the general public. It is so popular that, even in survey for the selection of best online shopping sites, daraz got almost all the votes.

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It is the best online shopping site as it provides options to buy multiple products. This is possible because daraz provides options for every vendor to register and sell the products on their site.

Like other international shopping sites, it also has special events like 11.11 and daily flash sales. Daraz is safe to say that it is the best online shopping site in Nepal as it has expressed return and refund policy.

SastoDeal (

Sastodeal is the first ever online shopping site in Nepal. It was started and in operation since 2011 when the total numbers of internet users were less than 10% of the population of Nepal.

Sasto deal is one of the best and top Nepali Online Shopping Sites (eCommerce site). The business model of Daraz and Sastodeal is similar. Sastodeal also give option for the owner of a shop to sell the product on their site. This enables customers to get a wide range of products.

Gyapu (

GYAPU is the most rewarding online shopping platform led by Nepali Entrepreneurs with the objective of expanding and flourishing e-commerce industries in Nepal and across South East Asia.

Gyapu one of the best online shopping site in Nepal

It is the fastest growing eCommerce site in Nepal. You can buy fashion products, mobile phones, kitchen items and many more with GYAPU.

You can even buy products from International Vendors/Sellers from our platform. But you have to pay for the Shipping charge incase order products from Vendors/Sellers outside Nepal.

Muncha (

Muncha is one of the oldest store in Nepal. It was started during 1920s. It has also begun its online presence through online shopping site in 2000. We can say muncha is one of the oldest top Nepali Online Shopping Site.

You can buy foods and groceries, electronics, health, beauty and other products. You can remember muncha for ordering gift packages.

Thulo.Com and NepBay

NepBay is also an eCommerce site operating in Nepal since 2013. It claims to be the first online shopping site in Nepal offering “Cash on Delivery” option.

For Buyers, NepBay helps to find products, services and shops offered by the sellers. The buyer can buy Personal CareElectronicsApparelSports and OutdoorsOffice SuppliesFashionBooksGroceries, and many more products.

For Sellers, NepBay provides world-class tools, technologies, platform and infrastructure to showcase and sell products and services globally.

Similarly,, parent company of NepBay also a separate eCommerce site operating in Nepal. It also offers the similar products that NepBay is offering.

Socheko is another online shopping site in Nepal in operation with good service. It offers Men’s, Women’s, Kid’s products, Electronic products, music, sports, stationary and food/grocery products.

While people have trust issues with online shopping sites, Socheko is not as expected. It has the worst return policy I have ever seen. The refund policy is applicable only for 24 hours. And they will charge extra for replacement of the product, in case you are dissatisfied with the product. However, if the product is delivered in fault, you do not have to pay.

Smart Doko

Smart Doko is similar to every other eCommerce site in Nepal. Similar to others, it also offers clothing, beauty and body care products, mobile phones and electronic products, home appliances, FOOD & GROCERIES, etc.

It has a unique feature that attracts customers is it offers earning point. When customers buy any products, they will be rewarded with earning points which can be used while making other purchase.


Hamrobazaar is no actually an eCommerce site. It is just a marketplace. Products can be new or used. is NOT involved in transaction of any goods/services listed in the website. It is only platform to share information. You are directly contacting the person who has posted the advertisement and you agree not to hold responsible for their act in any circumstances.

Wrap Up

That is all I can currently write about. If you think there should be any in thi list of Top Nepali Online Shopping Sites, please let us know in the comment section below or directly contact us.

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