Rapper Yama Buddha (1987-2017) Biography, Career, Legacy, and Death


Yama buddha was born on 30 May 1987 in Salakpur Morang Nepal. Many of us know Yama Buddha, but many of us are unaware of the fact that his real name is Anil Adhikari. Yama Buddha is a well-known rapper in the local streets of Kathmandu. He was a creator and the presence of the popular Rap Battle Show Raw Barz. Yama Buddha created Raw Barz to provide creative talented youth with a rap platform.

He hosted the rap battles in the Raw Barz for a while others were focused only on subjects like girls and money at that time in Nepal. Yama Buddha linked rap to society. He in fact introduced rap as a separate genre in the Nepalese musical society. His works influenced youths to take rap music seriously in Nepal as well. His famous song Saathi is an example of this change.

His Popular songs/raps Sathi, Aama, Aaudai Chhu ma, Yo Prasanga, and more are popular hits. Yama Buddha was an optimistic man with positive thinking. His personality can be described as a friendly, hardworking, emotional, and responsible man. Yama Buddha was a lyrical genius who made the Nepali audience realize that hip-hop and rap are not about reciting some random lyrics very fast but they can be inspiring and meaningful as well.

Yama Buddha on Cap and Vest
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Personal Details

Real NamAnil Adhikari
Popular NameYama Buddha
Date of Birth30 May 1987
Birth PlaceSalakpur Morang, Nepal
ProfessionRapper, songwriter, music producer, Rap battel host
Height5 feet 8 inch
EducationIT Engineer
Married toAsmita Sedhai
ParentsAmbika Prasad Adhikari and Urmila Adhikari
HobbiesSinging, traveling, learning
First hip-hop songFinal Fantasy
Deth2017 January 14 (at the age of 29, suicide)
Details of Yama Buddha

Childhood and Education

His earlier schooling started in Kathmandu, but he completed grade 4 and grade 5 at Pathibhara Boarding School, Ithari. Then, he went back to Kathmandu to study in grade 6 at the Excelsior School, Swayambhu. He completes his SLC from the Excelsior School and his +2 from Edmark Academy. After +2, he moved to the United Kingdom and completed his IT engineering from there.

Music Journey

Yama Buddha’s first song released was “Final Fantasy” which almost went unnoticed. But it was his second song that he dropped in 2011 that instantly brought him all the attention the song was called ‘Sathi’. It was a very emotional song that depicted what it feels like to lose a friend. It also reminded people how harmful and deadly can drugs be.

Saathi by Yama Buddha

After the success of the Saathi, he released his debut album titled ‘Ekadeshma’ in 2012. He was also different than most of the country’s other hip-hop artists, he used to think out of the box and stand in the industry with a different identity. Where it was ‘Footpath Mero Ghar’, that talks about how feels like to be a homeless person and ‘Shipahi’ was about a soldier fighting a war miles away from his loved one. He had also done a promotional song for the Talakjung vs Tulkemovie which was the first official submission of Nepal to the Best Foreign Language Film for the 88th Academy Awards 2016.

Yama Buddha Suicide

On 14 January 2017, Yama Buddha was found at his London-based apartment. That was the most shocking news in the entire hip-hop society as well as a very bad incident for Nepalese artists. According to his family source said that Yama Buddha was found hanging on his belt inside the bathroom. According to the family source “We are in shock as he was normal until having dinner, He might have been depressed since his works weren’t moving forward after 2012 when he was at the peak of his career.

At that time Yama Buddha was busy recording for his latest album “Khatra” two days prior to the incident and had completed 15 percent of the recording. His album was due for release on January 15, said a relative. A local club had also booked an event for the upcoming Valentine’s Day where Yama Buddha was set to perform.

According to The Kathmandu Post, after returning from the work had dinner around 12 am and went to sleep with his wife. And around 3 am he went to the bathroom and did not return which came to notice only at 6 am when another person staying with them wanted to use the restroom and found it locked.

The door was opened using another set of spare keys and found Adhikari hanging on the towel hanger of the bathroom with his belt. This statement does seem mysterious in itself as himself being locked from inside using the keys instead of the latch. And similarly, hanging on the hanger of the bathroom is also not justifiable as hangers are installed generally at a similar height as humans which should not be able to suspend at enough height.

Although he died at an early stage, his art and memories will not fade away easily from the history of Nepal and the Hip-Hop Industry.

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