NTC and NCELL Balance, Transfer, and Recharge Under Same USSD

In the ever-evolving landscape of telecommunications, Nepal Telecom and Ncell, two prominent players in the industry, have introduced a simplified approach to balance checking, balance transfer, and recharging. By adopting a unified USSD code, both companies aim to provide customers with an effortless and consistent experience across networks.

Both companies have begun the same USSD for both NTC and NCELL balance transfer, recharge, and balance inquiry. Here are the details of how you can use these services.

The Unified USSD Code System

The Nepal Telecommunications Authority has mandated the adoption of a single USSD code for basic services offered by service providers, ensuring ease of use for customers. This move comes as a relief to users who often had to remember multiple USSD codes for various services. Both Nepal Telecom and Ncell have embraced this directive and introduced a common USSD code for services like balance recharge, balance transfer, and balance inquiry.

ServiceUnified USSD CodesOld Codes (Still Working)
Balance Recharge*122*RechargePIN#
Example: *122*6365XXXXXXXXXX89#
*412*RechargePIN# (NTC), 
*102*RechargePIN# (Ncell)
Balance Transfer in NTC*133*SecurityCode*RecipientNumber*Amount#
Example: *133*20501111*9861XXXX85*100#
Balance Transfer in NCELL*133*RecipientNumber*Amount#
Example: *133*9823XXXX85*100#

No security code is required
Balance Inquiry*144#NTC: *400#
Ncell: *101# or *901#
NTC and Ncell Balance Transfer, Recharge, and Balance Enquiry USSD Codes

Recharging NTC and NCELL Balance

For recharging your mobile balance, when you purchase a recharge card for NCELL or NTC SIM and have a PIN number, you can simply use the USSD code *122*Recharge PIN# on both Nepal Telecom and Ncell networks. This unified code simplifies the process, making it convenient and consistent for users.

Previously, Nepal Telecom had *412*Recharge PIN# while Ncell used *102*Recharge PIN# for balance recharge. With the unified USSD code, customers can rely on *122# regardless of the network they are using.

=NTC and NCELL Balance Check – Using *144#

For checking your remaining balance, you can use the unified USSD code *144# on both Nepal Telecom and Ncell networks. This single code is used instead of the previous codes used by the two companies: *101# or *901# for Nepal Telecom and *400# for Ncell. However, you can still use the old USSD numbers to do the same thing.

NTC and NCELL Balance Transfer Method

To transfer the balance from your mobile to another mobile, you can use the unified USSD code *133*Security Code*Recipient’s Mobile Number*Amount#. However, the process for balance transfer varies slightly between Nepal Telecom and Ncell as Ncell does not require a security code for a balance transfer.

For Nepal Telecom users, the process involves dialing *133*Security Code*Recipient’s Mobile Number*Amount in Rupees#. For example: *133*74185296*9876543210*100#

For Ncell users, the process is slightly different: Just dial *133*Recipient’s Mobile Number*Amount in Rupees# and this does not require the security code.

Additionally, Nepal Telecom allows another approach: using *422*Security Code*Recipient’s Mobile Number*Amount in Rupees# to perform a balance transfer.

How can I get the security code of the NTC SIM?

To transfer the balance in NTC numbers you have to dial the USSD code: *133*Security Code*Recipient’s Mobile Number*Amount in Rupees# format. The security code is provided with the SIM cover provided at the time of purchase of the SIM card, you can simply scratch to find the security code. If you do not have the cover or you forgot the security code, there is a more easy solution.

To find out the security code of your NTC sim, you can simply send a text message SCODE to 1415 and you will be shortly provided the security code with a text message in reply. You can use the same code for balance transfer and keep it safe for future use.

Transitioning to the New System

Both Nepal Telecom and Ncell have collectively adopted the new USSD code system, but it’s important to note that the older USSD codes will be phased out over time. This transition ensures that within a year, all users will solely rely on the unified USSD codes for these services.

In conclusion, the move towards a unified USSD code for balance checking, balance transfer, and recharge by Nepal Telecom and Ncell is a significant step towards enhancing user convenience. This streamlined approach reduces confusion and simplifies the process for customers, regardless of the network they use. With just one number, users can effortlessly manage their mobile balance, transfers, and recharges.

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