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We have two versions of date converter. You can use any one of them to convert Nepali Date Bikram Sambat(BS) to English date Anno Domini(AD) with one click. The BS to AD (or AD to BS) converter is leap year adjusted. Therefore, you will get accurate result.

Enter your date (BS or AD) to convert.

New Version of Nepali Date Converter

Classic Version of Nepali Date Converter

About Nepali Date Converter

Nepali Date Converter Converts Nepali Date Between Bikram Sambat(BS) and English Date Based On Gregorian Calendar (Anno Domini also known as A.D).

The Current Version of BS to AD / AD to BS converter Can Convert Date From 1602 AD to 2044 AD. It Means It Can Convert To AD from From 1658 BS to 2100 BS. You can use classic version of the converter to convert future date. And new version is only capable to convert date upto 2079 as of now. The Dates Are Adjusted for Leap Years To Give More Accurate Result.

You Can Use This Tool To Convert Your Birthday or any dates From Bikram Sambat(BS) to Anno Domini(AD).

This date converter is one of the best and most used online BS to AD date converter.

This Converter is Developed By Ashesh.

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