Nepal Police Ranking Structure Hierarchy

The security agencies in Nepal have a clearly defined chain of command in terms of ranking. The Nepal Police Ranking structure also follows a line hierarchical chain of command structure.

The Nepal Police serves as Nepal’s foremost national law enforcement agency, entrusted with the crucial responsibility of upholding law and order and preventing and investigating crimes within the boundaries defined by the Constitution of Nepal. In addition to its primary functions, the Nepal Police fulfills a wide range of tasks, including safeguarding VIPs, protecting critical installations, managing traffic, conducting covert operations, gathering intelligence, managing civil disturbances, coordinating disaster response efforts, executing hostage rescues, and participating in various ceremonial duties.

As of March 24, 2023, Inspector General of Police Basanta Bahadur Kunwar has been leading the Nepal Police as its 30th IGP. In this article, we are presenting the Nepal Police Ranking structure, shedding light on the various ranks, their respective abbreviations, and the corresponding insignia that symbolize their authority and responsibilities.

Nepal Police Ranking Structure

Currently, there are 14 ranks in Nepal Police. The following table contains the Names of Nepal Police rank and equivalent classes and respective insignia in hierarchical order i.e. from top rank to bottom rank.

S.NNepal Police Rank NamesStatus (Class)Insignia
1Inspector General (IG) of Police (प्रहरी महानिरीक्षक)Gazetted Special ClassNepal Police Ranking Insignia
2Additional Inspector General (AIG) of Police (प्रहरी अतिरिक्त महानिरीक्षक)Gazetted Special ClassAIG - 2nd Highest - Nepal Police Ranking
3Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Police (प्रहरी नायब महानिरीक्षक)Gazetted First ClassNepal Police Ranking - DIG Insignia
4Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) (प्रहरी वरिष्ठ उपरीक्षक)Gazetted First ClassSenior Superintendent of Nepal Police SSP Insignia
5Superintendent of Police (SP) (सशस्त्र प्रहरी उपरीक्षक)Gazetted Second ClassSuperintendent of Nepal Police SP Insignia
6Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) (प्रहरी नायब उपरीक्षक)Gazetted Second ClassDeputy Superintendent of Nepal Police DSP Insignia
7Inspector of Police (प्रहरी निरीक्षक)Gazetted Third ClassNepal Police Inspector Insignia
8Senior Sub Inspector of Police (प्रहरी वरिष्ठ नायब निरीक्षक)Non-gazetted First ClassSenior Sub Inspector of Nepal Police Insignia
9Sub Inspector of Police (प्रहरी नायब निरीक्षक)Non-gazetted First ClassSub Inspector of Police Insignia
10Assistant Sub Inspector (ASI) of Police (प्रहरी सहायक निरीक्षक)Non-gazetted Second ClassNepal Police Assistant Sub Inspector Insignia
11Police Senior Head Constable (प्रहरी वरिष्ठ हवल्दार)Non-gazetted Third ClassNepal Police Senior Head Constable Insignia
12Police Head Constable (प्रहरी हवल्दार)Non-gazetted Third ClassNepal Police Head Constable Insignia
13Police Assistant Head Constable (प्रहरी सहायक हवल्दार)Non-gazetted Third ClassNepal Police Assistant Head Constable Insignia
14Police Constable (प्रहरी जवान)Non-gazetted Forth ClassNepali Police Ranking - Constable - Lowest Rank
Source: Nepal Police Ranking and Insignia

Understanding this ranking system is essential in appreciating the organization’s internal structure and the roles each class of officers plays in maintaining law and order, upholding justice, and ensuring the safety and security of the people of Nepal.

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Which is the highest rank in Nepal Police?

Nepal Police Ranking Insignia for IG

The highest rank or post in Nepal police is called Inspector General (IG). This post is the highest in police and equivalent to the highest ranks of all Government Services such as Chief of the Army Staff General of the Army, IG of the Armed Police Force, or Chef Secretary (Civil Service) of the Government of Nepal, etc. The highest rank consists of only one personnel among the Nepal Police leading the whole Nepal Police Organization.

Which is the lowest class in the Nepal Police Ranking?

Nepali Police Ranking - Constable - Lowest Rank

The lowest class in the Nepal Police Ranking is called Police Constable which is pronounced as Prahari Jawan in Nepali language. This rank is equivalent to the non-gazetted fourth class.

How to Get into Nepal Police?

The vacant posts of Nepal Police are recruited through an open competition examination conducted by the Public Service Commission. After passing the examination, you will be selected through physical checks and training.

What is the Difference Between Armed Police Force, Nepal Police, and Traffic Police?

The Armed Police Force in Nepal is responsible mainly for border protection while the Nepal Police is responsible for internal security and peace maintenance. Nepal Police serves as Nepal’s foremost national law enforcement agency, entrusted with the crucial responsibility of upholding law and order and preventing and investigating crimes within the boundaries defined by the Constitution of Nepal.
The Traffic Police is a part of the Nepal Police which works in the sector of Road traffic management.