Top Nepali Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Nepal (2022)

Nowadays, the internet is one of the most basic elements of communication. It started in Nepal in the early stage of the development of the internet but it was not easily available and affordable. Now internet is almost easily available everywhere as it is provided by multiple Nepali internet service providers and telecommunication service providers.

Currently, after the entry of CG Net, an ISP owned by Chaudhari Group, the market scenario has changed in terms of price and speed of the Internet. Many ISPs are coming with new prices, speeds, and features to compete with CG Net.

If you are also planning to get a new internet connection you might be wondering about the top Nepali internet service providers (ISPs) in Nepal. If so, let’s explore the list of top Nepali Internet service providers. The ranking is based on the number of subscribers and market share of each as published on the MIS Report by the Nepal Telecommunication Authority.

Top Nepali Internet Service providers Chart
Top Nepali Internet Service providers Chart

Top Nepali Internet Service Providers (ISPs) by Subscribers

SNInternet Service Providers (ISPs)WirelessCableFiberTotal Subscribers
1WorldLink Communications606750541402542758
2Nepal Doorsanchar Company Limited18566144858145655309079
3Subisu Cablenet861319633208817237063
4Classic Tech7790180589181368
5Vianet Communications00163421163421
6Web Surfer279107125174042
7TechMinds Network236506754869913
8Broadlink Network16504605346218
9Dish Media Network003474734747
10Konnect Nepal Network6001851018570
12Simple Media Network Cable001171611716
13Eastlink Technology0096739673
14Net Max Technologies536088649400
15First Link Communication0077867786
16SKY cable TV0560405604
17Loop Networks21353095522
18Fiberworld Communication0048534853
19CG Communications ptv. ltd.0043864386
20Barahi Internet156039264082
21Ultra Net Communication573031973770
23Pokhara Internet1156018463002
24Mercantile Communication135009252275
25Everest Wireless Network693015512244
26IBSS Nepal35010667592175
27Rapid Unique Network0021082108
28Prime Network0021002100
29World Fiber Net0018601860
30Cherry World Communications75014471522
31Lumbini Max Digital Cable Net0015051505
32Acme Technical Institute245012301475
33Web Network9811231221
34Syanja Media0012151215
36Bihunkot Internet0011081108
37Kshireshwork Network0010201020
38Prabhu Digital00995995
39Himalayan Online Services3000670970
40LNT Infotech380661699
41Telnet Internet3530251604
43Gandaki Communication205082287
44Sustainable Network17955189
45Clean Network101700180
46Earthlink Communication Enterprise270109136
47Big Marsyangdi Net95020115
Top Nepali Internet Service Providers

These are the top Nepali internet service provider. You have to check the plans, price, and availability before getting a new connection from their respective sales page or websites.

The rankings are done on the basis of the numbers of total Subscribers. This doesn’t depict the quality of the internet provided. In general, providers having numbers of subscribers must be giving best quality as they are able to sale more and have much better infrastructure.

The data are collected from NTA, MIS Report.

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