Top Nepali Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Nepal (2021)

The internet became the most important during and after the pandemic period. And if you are also planning to get a new internet connection you might be wondering which are the top Nepali internet service providers (ISPs) in Nepal.

If so, lets explore the list of top Nepali Internet service providers. The ranking is based on numbers of subscribers and market capitalization.

Top Nepali Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

S.NInternet Service Providers (ISPs)Total SubscribersWirelessCableFibre
1WorldLink Communications45176612171021449528
2Nepal Doorsanchar Company Limited2809651855417153590876
3Subisu Cablenet184529973628011146782
4Vianet Communications13244200132442
5Classic Tech12776119300125831
6TechMinds Network576412626055015
7Broadlink Network40109356039753
8Web Surfer296713097026574
9Konnect Nepal18110520017590
11Prabhu Digital Ltd91107809032
12Eastlink Technology7840007840
13First Link6826006826
14Himalayan Online Services605211005942
15SKY cable TV PVT LTD5604056040
16Net Max Technologies552338521331538
17Barahi Internet408215603926
18Pokhara Internet3002115601846
19Ultra Net281951802301
20Rapid Unique Network2108002108
21Mercantile Communication207812130865
22Cherry World Communications15227501447
23Acme Technical Institute147524501230
24IBSS Nepal131224610660
25Kshireshwor Network1020001020
26Telnet Internet6043530251
27Fiber Online47404740
28Surkhet net Cable44100441
29JNIC Technology*3302070123
30Metrolink Business30600306
31Galkot Link3001000200
32Gandaki Communication287205082
33Meta Link2262016190
34Sustainable Network20119731
35Earthlink Communication136270109
36Abide Net12500125
37Big Marshyangdi11595020
38Nepal Net Sanchar8362021
39VNS Technology7529046
40Shikhar Net Pvt.303000
Top Nepali Internet Service Providers (ISPs)
Top Nepali Internet Service Providers Chart
Graph Showing ISP and their respective subscribers

*Japan Nepal Information Communication Technology.

These are the top Nepali internet service provider. You have to check the plans, price and availability before getting new connection.

The rankings are done on the basis of numbers of total Subscribers. This doesn’t depict the quality. However, they are able to be at the top of the list due to their quality.

The data are collected from NTA, MIS Report.

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