Nepal Breaks Multiple Tourism Records in 2023


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A relief to Tourism Industry After Pandemic Outbreak.

1,014,876 Tourists Visited Nepal by Air in 2023

Nepal Revives Tourism

Tourism inflow surpasses the count of 1 million. This is 3rd time in History after 2018 and 2019

More than 115K in a Single Month

Nepal Revives Tourism

October 2023 is the month for tourism. With the arrival of 117 thousand tourists in a Single Month, it again becomes record for Nepali Tourism.

320,000 Tourists From India by Air.

India at Top

India and Nepal share an Open Border. However, this Data does not account for Indian Tourists Entering Nepal from the Land Boarder.

More than 30% of Tourists are from Neighboring Countries India alone, while China is in 3rd position.

India at Top

The actual number of Indian Tourists can not even be predicted as religious Tourism is very common between these countries.

Religious Tourists for Pashupatinath, Janakpur, and Lumbini take time and effort to estimate.

After successive million tourists in 2018 and 2019 the government of Nepal was all set to promote Visit Nepal 2020.

The Failed Dream of Visit Nepal 2020

The Dream of the Tourism Sector Collapsed and the dream and tourism plan must be stopped.

All the programs and promotions have to be stopped due to COVID-19 Outbreak. 

The Government is planning to Welcome 2 million tourists in 2024.

The Ambitious Dream for 2024

This seems very ambitious but with dedication and effort from the Government can make it happen.

Internal Tourism?

The effort made towards internal tourism is very low. Government presence is needed to develop any sector of the economy. The Government of Nepal must focus on Internal Tourism which will ultimately help all kind of Tourism.

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