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Most Watched Nepali Songs Released on 2023

Here is the list of top Nepali songs Released in Nepal with highest counts of views.

Most Watched Nepali Songs Released in 2023

2023 was a great year for Nepali music, with many songs from different genres becoming popular among the audience. In this web story, we will explore the top 10 Nepali songs released in 2023, based on their views on YouTube and popularity.
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10. Kamaune ni ho Ramaune ni ho...

Released: Jul 12, 2023
Views: 19.6M (By 31 Dec, 2023)
Mainstream artist Prakash Saput starts domination from 10th position

9. Kale Keta Le

Released: Jul 27, 2023
Views: 19.6M (By 31 Dec, 2023)
Song from a popular movie that features star artist like Swastima Khadka, Barsha Raut, etc

8. Rimai (रिमै)

Released: Oct 20, 2023
Views: 25.57 M (By 31 Dec, 2023)
One of the Fastest Nepali Song to Enter 2.5 Crore Views in just 70 days.

7. Bhikhaari

Released: June 10, 2023
Views: 28 M (By 31 Dec, 2023)
Popular pop singer who grabbed the attention of Youths.

6. Fulthunge Rani

Released: April 17, 2023
Views: 28.3 M (By 31 Dec, 2023)
Sujan Chapagain is a very popular and creative song writer and singer. Teenpatey, Ghumi Ghumi are his other popular songs

5. Sarangi - Sushant KC

Released: June 24, 2023
Views: 37.1 M (By 31 Dec, 2023)
Sushant KC is popular among youths for his songs. Sarangi was the most awaited song because he released a short clip of this song few years back and it was so viral that it broke records after release

4. Darshan Salam

Released: Jan 30, 2023
Views: 38.6 M (By 31 Dec, 2023)
Darshan Salam is a movie song from popular movie sequel Chakka Panja 4. It features major comedy characters in main role.

3. Je Chhau Timi

Released: March 25, 2023
Views: 42.6 M (By 31 Dec, 2023)
A popular pop song for youths by Swoopna Suman in collaboration with Samir Shrestha.

2. Areli Kadaile Malai Chwassai

Released: Aug 18, 2023
Views: 48.6 M (By 31 Dec, 2023)
One of the Internet Breaking Song released on Teej. This song is produced and sung by Prakash Saput with Shanti Shree Pariyar.

1. Phool Maya - Sakambari

Released: April 13, 2023
Views: 55M (By 31 Dec, 2023)
Prakash Saput again dominates the list with Sakambari song with great social message in the music video which also remained controversial.
Overall this song remained favourable for singers and artists showing talent on YouTube.
Prakash Saput became the most successful on YouTube Career. Most Watched Videos 3/10 among which 2 are 1st and 2nd. Similarly, 2nd took few months only to became that popular.