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Secondary Education Examination – SEE Routine and Exam Method 2021 (2078)

The secondary education examination (SEE) at the end of class 10 could not be conducted on the scheduled date due to the pandemic of the Corona virus spread all over the world.

As per the order issued by the Government of Nepal, the National Examination Board has formulated and approved the procedures to publish the results of SEE 2078 considering the internal assessment done by the concerned school as official.

As per the notice, the internal evaluation of SEE must be completed before 20th Ashadh, 2078. That means, the SEE internal evaluation will start soon.

SEE Exam Module 2078

How Marks Are Evaluated in SEE 2078?

There are clear procedures for rewarding marks. NEB has made the Marks Evaluation Procedure for SEE as following:

Formative Evaluation:

Formative evaluation will carry 20 marks for the subjects with practical marks. That means, students can obtain 20 marks out of hundred from formative evaluation.

The formative evaluation is splitted as below:

Basis of Formative EvaluationFull Marks
Project Work3
Social Work2
Discipline and Sanitation2
Extra Curricular Activities2
Unit Tests4

Summative Evaluation:

Summative evaluation carries the most of full marks. The summative evaluation is based on the internal examinations. It considers that each school have conducted 4 examinations. In reality, most of the schools have conducted only 2-3 examinations.

The following is the summative evaluation marks distribution.

Basis of Summative Evaluation Marks
First Terminal Exam08
Second Terminal Exam12
Third Terminal Exam15
4th Terminal Exam20

Practical Evaluation:

Practical Evaluation carries the remaining 25 marks out of 100. Remaining 25 marks will be submitted by respective schools as practicals.

Marks Distribution for Subjects Without Practical

For subjects without practical marks, 25% will be assigned from formative evaluation and 75% will be assigned from summative evaluation.

So, for non practical subjects, the final marking will be as follows.

Basis of Formative EvaluationSubjects with 25 marks practicalNon practical subjects
Project Work33.75
Social Work22.5
Discipline and Sanitation22.5
Extra Curricular Activities22.5
Unit Tests45

For Summative Evaluation, you will get 75 marks instead of 55 from summative and 25 from practical.

First Terminal Exam810.90909091
Second Terminal Exam1216.36363636
Third Terminal Exam1520.45454545
4th Terminal Exam2027.27272727

Although it is clearly not mentioned, the way it explains interprets this marking distribution.

SEE For Grade Incremental Students

Students applying for grade increment should get faciliated to attend examination which is relevant to evaluate. Such Examination can be offline or offline.

Frequently Asked Questions About SEE Exam 2078

Due to confusing news and critical situation, students have doubts on some topics. And here we want to clarify this with a Question and Answer section.

Will there be see exam in Nepal 2078?

No. There will not be SEE in 2078 with actual examination. Due to pandemic, Government of Nepal and National Examination Board has decided not to conduct SEE 2078 physically.

Instead of SEE, there will be evaluation based on different aspects of activities and performance in the internal examination.

Yes. The physical SEE exam was first indefinitely postponed. And eventually got cancelled when the Government of Nepal after analysing the current situation decided to cancel the examination.

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