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BA Third Year Exam Routine for 2077

Tribhuvan University, office of the controller of examination, Balkhu has published BA third year exam routine for 2077. As per the routine, BA third year exam starts from 2077/10/27 and ends on 2077/11/13. This routine is applicable for all BA 3rd year students including private and partial.

BA third year exam time: The exam will start at 12:30 pm and ends at 3:30. However, if the student appearing in the examination has a vision problem, autism, or having a problem in the hands (certified by competitive institute or doctor) can get a privilege of 1 extra hour for 100 full marks and 30 minutes for lower than that.

BA Third Year Exam Center: Notice Regarding the Exam center will be published at least a week prior to the exam date.

Admit Card: The Notice regarding the admit card is generally provided by concerned college or campus. For private students please contact the Office of Examination Controller. Generally the admit card is made available from a week prior to the examination date.

BA Third Year Exam Routine Table 2077

DateSubjects/Code No.
2077/10/27B.S-304,314/Geo-304,314/Hist-304,314/ Linguistic-304, 314/ NeHc-.304, 314 / FS-311,321/ Acting /Directing/Editing / DSW / MPP/ Audio
2077/10/28Eng-304,314/Hindi-304,314/ Mai-304,314/ Nep-304,314/ NB-304,314/ Sans-304,314/ FS-313,323/ Acting/ Directing /Editing/DSW / MPP/ Audio
2077/10/29( Tabala  Mus ) -325 /Math.-334/335/336/TABALA-506
2077/11/01Phil.-304,314/  Soc Work-304, 314/ FS.314,324/Acting/ Directing/Editing/ DSW/MPP/ Audio/ Socio./Anthro-304,314/So.404/AN-314,Social Service-303,314
2077/11/02Math-331/ Stat- 331/ / Pol.Sc-304,314/ H.SC-304, 314
2077/11/03Psy-304, 314/ Dan-304,314/  JMC-304, 314/ Mus-304,314, 320/Pop- Std-304,314/ R.D-304/314/ FS-312,322/Acting/ Directing/Editing/MPP / Audio/ Economics-304, 314/Rur-304,314
2077/11/05B.S-305,315/ Geo-305, 315/ Hist-305, 315/ Linguistic-305,315/ NeHca-305,315
2077/11/06English- 305, 315/ Hindi-305,315/ Maithili-305, 315/ Nepali-305, 315/ Sanskrit-305 315/ NB-305, 315
2077/11/07Phil-305,315/ Social Work -305,315/  Sociology/Anthropology-305,315/Social Service-305,315/ So-405/AN-315.
2077/11/09Dance-305, 315/JMC- 305,315/ Mus- 305,315, Music- 305,321/Pop. Std.305- 315/ R.D. 305-315/ Psy-305,315/Economics-.305,315/  Tech. Th  (Painting) -502,322/TECH.TH (Sculpture)-502/Rur-315
2077/11/10H.Sc- 305,315/ Pol-Sc.305, 315/Math-332/Stat-332
2077/11/12Functional Paper -306,316/So- 406/Rd-316
2077/11/13Math-333.Hist.of arts-321,322,501/Hist.of Modern Nepal302
Table – BA Third Year Exam Routine 2077

You can see the routine from the official site of TU exam.

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